7 Easy Solutions For Naya Breast Pump Problems

Update: We’re said to share that Naya has officially shut down with no word of helping those with customer support issues or refunding pumps that were never delivered. View the official notice here. If you have a broken Naya breast pump or your pump never arrived, use the following solutions!

Did you get a Naya breast pump or order one only for it to never arrive or get delayed by months? If you did actually receive your pump, was it hard to use or break and become unrepairable? Well, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, tons of moms are having issues with Naya pumps, but since they shut down their customer support page and stopped updating their social media channels, it’s impossible to contact them.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are a few different Naya smart breast pump solutions to help you get back to expressing milk for your child.

Naya Breast Pump Solutions

1. Get Your Money Back

The Naya pump offered some comfortable advancements and features to improve the breast pumping experience, making the $1,000 price tag seem reasonable. But that’s a lot to shell out for an item that never arrives or quickly breaks at such a crucial time.

That’s a major maternity investment. If you can reach Naya for a refund, don’t give up. Contact your credit card company about how your order never arrived or the faulty equipment.


2. Qualify For A Free Motif Breast Pump

Naya breast pump solutions include the Motif Duo

Motif Duo

In response to seeing the news around Naya, Motif Medical has decided to step in to help mothers maintain their pumping goals by offering free Motif breast pumps to all moms experiencing issues with Naya pumps.

All you have to do is contact Motif HERE with proof of an undelivered or faulty Naya pump and Motif Medical will provide a Motif pump free of charge, while supplies last.

3. Receive A Breast Pump Through Insurance

As an expecting mother, you may qualify to receive a breast pump through insurance. But don’t worry, you don’t have to navigate your policy on your own. Use our handy-dandy lookup tool to help you find a supplier that can send you a breast pump through insurance. 

4. Broken Breast Shield Assembly?

Well, there isn’t actually a solution to this issue, unless you’re able to purchase new Naya breast shields. The Naya breast pump has a completely unique breast shield assembly that uses water and soft silicone to create soft water and suction. Every other pump on the market creates a vacuum to express milk, so no other flanges are compatible.

Also, we’ve seen reports of the Naya pumps leaking, contaminating breast milk and that they’re only designed to last for a few months anyway. So, if it hasn’t broken yet, you may be on borrowed time.

Naya breast pump solutions include replacement valves 5. Broken Adaptor?

If your Naya adaptor breaks you don’t have to toss out your entire pump. You can use a universal adaptor that may come in handy with other electronics around your home. We recommend the Outtag with multi tips for a variety of uses.

6. Broken Valves?

Broken valves on your Naya smart pump doesn’t mean game over, even though you won’t receive replacements from them. Instead, you can purchase Ameda Duck Bill valves to use with your Naya pump.

7. Comparable Pumps For A Fraction Of The Cost

If you’re totally done with your Naya pump, you don’t have to settle for something old and outdated. There are tons of innovative options designed for user comfort and simplicity that incorporate some of the features Naya advertised such as being a smart pump, being portable, offering comfort, power, and more. A few of them are even smart pumps.

  • The Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump is a double electric breast pump that offers responsive technology to respond to the environment you’re in. It can be battery operated and has an incredibly quiet motor for discreet pumping. Plus, Medelas’ outstanding customer support is unmatched. Find naya breast pump solutions to do what's best for your child
  • The Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can use the Smartpump app to track and monitor your pumping and nursing schedule. The three pumping styles and adjustable suction levels let you comfortably pump the way you want to extract as much milk as possible. Lansinoh silicone flanges are incredibly soft and flexible for the perfect, secure fit.
  • The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump is the perfect options for busy moms. It weighs less than a pound and includes a rechargeable battery so you can just throw it in your bag and go. The motor is almost silent for discrete pumping and there are tons of settings to adjust to maximize comfort.
  • The Spectra S2PLUS Double Electric Breast Pump is a powerful pump to comfortably support and induce your milk supply. The settings include a let phase and are totally customizable to adhere to your personal preferences for the ultimate pumping experience every time.
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