Is Marijuana And Breastfeeding Safe?

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Most mothers already know to avoid certain items such as alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding, but then again a small glass of wine is fine. So, what other vices are safe to use? Studies suggest that there is a rise in marijuana and breastfeeding, as well as use while pregnant. The Rise Of Marijuana [...]

Is It Safe To Take CBD While Breastfeeding?

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The first rule of pregnancy is don’t do drugs. Avoiding alcohol, smoking, and marijuana while expecting is ingrained in us at a very young age. Then you learn that what you ingest may impact your breastmilk. As you avoid drugs and medications to keep your baby healthy, you may wonder about CBD. It’s all natural [...]

7 Easy Solutions For Naya Breast Pump Problems

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Update: We're said to share that Naya has officially shut down with no word of helping those with customer support issues or refunding pumps that were never delivered. View the official notice here. If you have a broken Naya breast pump or your pump never arrived, use the following solutions! -- Did you get a Naya breast pump [...]

Breasties are the new BFFs

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By Sarah H. Right around the time that I found out I was pregnant, my partner and I were also preparing to move to a new city where I knew no one. It was a tough pill to swallow, knowing that I wouldn’t have my best friends nearby. I had alway pictured my first pregnancy as [...]

‘Twas the Night Before Breastfeeding Week

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'Twas the night before World Breastfeeding Week, and all across the earth Babies need feeding right after birth; This year there will be more awareness and care, In hopes that breastfeeding will be successful here and there; Then children will be well-fed, all snug in their beds, While visions of leaky boobs dance in their heads [...]