If We Treated Everyone’s Bodies Like Pregnant Women’s

Kristen Mulrooney brought the perfect amount of sass this week with quotes to make everyone else feel medically uncomfortable about their bodies. For some reason, baby bumps are seen as an access pass for people to get too personal with their weird questions, stories, and wanting to touch your stomach. So here are perfectly imagined situations for if we treated everyone’s bodies like pregnant women’s bodies!

If We Treated Everyone’s Bodies Like Pregnant Women’s

“I heard about your hysterectomy. Was it planned or were you totally surprised? More importantly, how does your husband feel about it?

Say what pregnant lady?

“I’m sorry your food poisoning is causing you to vomit every hour on the hour, but you don’t need to be so dramatic about it. You’re not the first person to have food poisoning. We still need you to come into work.”

Tired pregnant lady

“Your beer gut is really coming along. Can I touch it?”

Pregnant belly touch

“Call me as soon as you head to the hospital for your colonoscopy! I want to sit in the waiting room so I can be the first one to see the video when it’s over.”

Pregnant woman video

“You’re getting a pacemaker? You don’t need a pacemaker. That’s not how we used to do it. Back in my day, people just died from their heart problems — and those of us who didn’t turned out just fine!”

Pregnant woman overshare

“It says here your doctor wants you to take six months off work to recover from your heart attack. We’ll give you six weeks.”

Confused pregnant lady

“I’m sure your inflamed appendix is uncomfortable, but per our company’s medical leave policy, you have to continue working until the moment it actually erupts.”

Mad preggo lady

“The incision from your knee surgery looks like it’s causing you some serious discomfort. Can I touch it?”

pregnant lady NO

“Why are you complaining about your unbearable gallstone pain? You should feel lucky. Some people don’t even have gallbladders. They would kill to be in your shoes. This is a magical time, enjoy it.”

Not that bed pregnancy girl

“But I’m your mother! Of course, I should be allowed in the room for your vasectomy. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before!”

Run pregnant lady

You Got this!

Being pregnant certainly a new experience. Your body changes and how people react might be a little strange for a while too, but soon your new little bundle of joy will be here before you know it. If you have any awkward stories of your own please share them with us! 

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