Single electric breast pumps provide similar suction strength as double electric pumps, but only express milk from one breast at a time which results in longer pumping sessions. Similar to their double electric counterparts, these pumps are often designed with variable cycling patterns that mimic baby’s nursing patterns. This is designed to elicit the mother’s natural letdown response to get milk flowing and ideally express more milk.

Single Electric Breast Pumps

  • The Evenflo Single Electric is an excellent solution for occasional pumping, and the included carrying case allows you to easily carry the pump anywhere! Even more, you’ll be able to pump away from home with two convenient power options.
  • The Nuk Single Electric pump is designed for occasional use with a convenient battery option for when you are on-the-go. A comfortable natural pulse rhythm maximizes milk flow and works to mimic the natural patterns of your baby. Adjustable suction options make this pump a comfortable option for moms getting used to breast pumping.