Hygeia provides many different outlets for moms to acquire support in their breastfeeding journey, from access to local lactation consultants to instructional videos featured throughout their website. Hygeia breast pumps perform at the standard of hospital-grade pumps due to their hygienic systems and quality motors. Additionally, Hygeia’s eco-friendly ‘No Pumps in Dumps’ program strives to reduce the breast pump ecological footprint by helping moms properly recycle their used breast pumps.


  • The Hygeia Deluxe Tote includes a black tote bag and a cooler with an ice pack for milk storage. This simple, sleek tote is the perfect accessory for carrying your pump and supplies.
  • The EnHande Manual pump features an ergonomically designed handle with a no-slip grip that makes pumping more comfortable. The tubing system is designed to ensure direct flow to the milk storage container to prevent backflow. A one-piece valve system and minimal parts make this pump easy to clean and assemble. The EnHande also features a petal comfort massage shield that assists with let-down for comfortable, efficient pumping.
  • The Hygeia Enjoye is a hospital-grade, closed system pump that is designed for long-term, frequent pumping. The suction on the pump is designed to naturally mimic your baby’s nursing patterns with customized speed and suction settings so you remain comfortable during every session. This pump offers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so it is perfect for on-the-go moms. As an environmentally conscious company, Hygeia offers aid in recycling all pumps so they never end up in a landfill.
  • The Enjoye Cordless pump is uniquely designed to operate on internal battery for up to four hours. This pump is a great option for moms who are away from home often yet still need to express a steady supply of milk. The Enjoye Cordless is for long-term, frequent use as a hospital-grade pump with all the benefits of the Hygeia brand.
  • The Hygeia Two-Hand Manual pump was designed to be a portable option for busy moms while retaining the comfort of the brand’s hospital-grade pumps. The two-hand pump features a vacuum regulator with strength controls so you can customize pumping to match your needs. An automatic release at the end of each pump provides comfort. This pump is compatible with the Hygeia EnDeare breast pump, as well.
  • The Hygeia Q is a hospital-grade pump that is perfect for frequent pumping. This double electric pump mimics baby's natural nursing patterns so you get the most out of every pumping session. Customizable speed and pressure controls make pumping even easier. As an environmentally conscious company, Hygeia offers aid in recycling all pumps so they never end up in a landfill. This pump is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 2 pounds!