Hygeia Q Double Electric Breast Pump

The Hygeia Q is a hospital-grade pump that is perfect for frequent pumping. This double electric pump mimics baby’s natural nursing patterns so you get the most out of every pumping session. Customizable speed and pressure controls make pumping even easier. As an environmentally conscious company, Hygeia offers aid in recycling all pumps so they never end up in a landfill. This pump is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 2 pounds!



  • All parts are BPA/DEHP  free
  • Independent speed and suction controls
  • Single or double pumping option
  • Eco-friendly used pump recycling program
  • Personal accessory set included
  • Eco-friendly Hygeia recycling program: Hygeia’s No Pumps in Dumps program strives to reduce the ecological footprint by properly recycling used breast pumps. When you are finished using your pump or don’t need it anymore, you can ship it to Hygeia and they recycle the pump for you. This greatly reduces the number of breast pumps that end up in landfills yearly


This Pump is Perfect For…

Working Moms — This is a lightweight breast pump, ideal for moms who commute to and from work. Manual, battery-powered and many electric pumps allow for discreet pumping during the work day.


What’s Included

  • Hygeia Q breast pump motor
  • AC power adaptor
  • Personal accessory set
  • Basic tote


What to Look Out For

The Hygeia flanges have a larger connection for the collection bottles which means that fewer bottles will be compatible with your breast pump. Hygeia provides adapter rings that connect smaller bottles of your choice. Electric power is required, so this pump will need to be used near an outlet.


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