Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Deluxe Set

This small, lightweight pump with tote bag and cooler bag is perfect if you plan on pumping on the go or bringing milk with you. The Deluxe Freestyle Pump uses a lithium ion battery, adding much needed portability to the original Freestyle. The pump is not built into the tote bag, so you can remove it at any time.



  • 2-Phase Expression technology is similar to how your baby naturally nurses, helping you and your baby easily transition from pump to breastfeeding and back again
  • Stimulation phase mimics your baby’s fast and light sucking rhythm at the start of breastfeeding to stimulate milk flow
  • Expression phase mimics your baby’s slow, deep sucking that happens after the milk begins to flow to encourage faster milk expression
  • Tote bag offers a fashionable carrying case for all of your on-the-go pumping accessories. Bottles, tubing and more can be organized within the bag so moms can always find what they need
  • The removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack conveniently carries four bottles and keeps them cooler for longer periods of time when you’re out and about
  • Double electric pump encourages faster milk expression
  • Hands-free pumping allows you to complete other tasks
  • All parts and accessories that come in contact with breast milk are made without BPA for the protection of your baby
  • Backlit display provides easy readability, especially for night time pumping sessions
  • The memory button allows you to save your favorite pumping sessions for convenient pumping
  • Timer helps you keep on track with your pumping schedule


This Pump is Perfect For…

Moms on-the-go — This is a perfect option for moms who plan to be out and about and will need to pump. The breast pump is lightweight and is easily stored in a briefcase or carrying bag.


What’s Included

  • (1) Set of tubing
  • (2) Membranes
  • (2) 24mm PersonalFit breast shields
  • (2) 27mm PersonalFit breast shields
  • (1) Double pumping kit
  • (4) 5 oz. (150ml) milk storage containers
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery (rechargeable)
  • (1) AC adaptor/charger
  • Tote bag
  • Cooler bag easily fits inside tote bag
  • User instructions
  • Breastfeeding Information Guide
  • Total weight: 5.8 lbs.


What to Look Out For

If you’re planning on leaving the house with your breast pump, it is incredibly important to travel with the Lithium Ion Battery. Without the battery or an outlet for the AC adaptor, the pump will not work.


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