Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Tote

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The Medela Pump In Style Advanced with On-The-Go Tote is a great solution for if you need to pump several times a day. This pump comes with everything you need — bottles, lids, travel cups, breast shields, power options and more. With a microfiber tote and cooler pack included, you’ll be comfortable and organized while enjoying a discreet pumping experience.



  • BPA free materials keep you and your baby safe
  • On-the-go tote keeps your supplies organized with helpful pockets for bottles and tubing
  • 2-Phase Expression pumping is a select feature only found in Medela breast pumps. This unique technology mimics the pattern of your child’s normal feeding patterns. The Stimulation phase encourages milk to start flowing while the Expression phase helps milk flow faster
  • The cooler bag allows you to bring milk with you or pump on the go. Easily remove it from the tote for cleaning
  • Double electric pumping allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously, saving time
  • Maximum Comfort Vacuum used in the Expression phase produces more milk in less time
  • A user-friendly knob controls both the speed and vacuum so you can set your pump to match your comfort level
  • The memory button allows you to save your favorite speed and vacuum settings for your next pumping session
  • This pump can be used several times a day if you need to pump often
  • Closed system prevents milk from entering tubing or the motor


This Pump is Perfect For…

Moms on-the-go — This is a perfect option for moms who plan to be out and about and will need to pump. The breast pump is lightweight and is easily stored in a briefcase or carrying bag.


What’s Included

  • (2) Connectors, (2) valves
  • Tubing
  • (2) 24mm PersonalFit breast shields
  • (4) 5 oz. Breast milk storage containers
  • 9v AC adaptor
  • Battery pack
  • Black Microfiber Tote with built-in motor
  • Cooler bag with ice pack fits inside the tote
  • 1 year warranty for pump motor & batteries, 90 days for parts & accessories
  • User instructions
  • Breastfeeding informational guide


What to Look Out For

While this pump is an excellent solution if you want to pump on-the-go, you’ll have to make sure that you bring a power adaptor in case you need a backup power option.



  1. Rebecca Gormont

    The Medela Pump was nice but not the best. It was very loud and bulky. I also wish it had come with a bigger set of falanges.

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