Spectra S1 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra is an extremely quiet and efficient pump. Moms love it for its easy expression and comfortable suction levels — the pump, even on the highest setting, creates a gentle pull rather than the mechanical suction that some pump motors deliver. The Spectra is small and sleek, making it a great companion if you commute to work or you travel often.



  • All parts are BPA free
  • Maximum suction 350mmHg
  • Adjustable speed and suction settings
  • Double or single pumping option
  • Closed system ensures hygiene
  • Backflow protection technology
  • 2 phase cycling with let-down button
  • Quiet button for whisper-quiet pumping
  • LCD display with night light feature with dim/bright settings
  • Easy setup
  • Portable, stylish design
  • Doesn’t cause soreness or pain
  • Easy to clean
  • Built in rechargeable battery


This Pump is Perfect For…

Working Moms — This is a lightweight breast pump, ideal for moms who commute to and from work. Manual, battery-powered and many electric pumps allow for discreet pumping during the work day.


What’s Included

    • (2) Duckbill Valves
    • (2) Tubing
    • (2) 24mm breast shields
    • (2) Backflow protectors
    • (2) Milk collection bottles with universal thread (BPA free)
    • (2) Bottle holders
    • Rechargeable battery
    • AC power adaptor
    • 2 year warranty on pump, 90 days on parts
    • User manual


What to Look Out For

The pump does not come with a tote or an insulated cooler, which means you will have to buy one if you want to carry the pump or keep your milk bottles cool during your commute to work or while running errands.


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